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How to Measure Ring Size?

To find the perfect match for your finger (or your loved one), we have created following two easy methods for you. Refer to our measurement chart or the ruler found in our size guide.

with home made tool

Measure Your Finger :

1) Wrap a thread or cut paper stripe around the bottom part of your finger.

2) Mark the part where the head of the thread or paper
meets the other side.

3) Use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the thread or
paper stripe.

4) Match the result to the closest ring size from our chart

-Measure multiple times for accuracy.

-Make sure the thread or paper stripe sits comfortably on your finger because this is how you want the ring to fit.

-If you have wider knuckle, make sure to measure the knuckle part as well and pick a size in between.

- If you are planning to purchase a wide band, make sure to go half size up.

- What's a good fit like? Your ring should slip on easily but be snug and slightly difficult to remove. 

The Ring Diameter Method:

Measure an existing ring that you own

This one is quick and simple! If you already own a ring that fits the intended finger, simply:

1)Measure the inside diameter of the ring in millimetres (see image on the left side).

2) Check the chart above in the "Ring Diameter (mm)" column to find the ring size.


Ring Size Conversion Chart

We use standard US rings sizes. Countries such as UK, Japan and many others have their own ring measurement systems. Refer to conversion chart beside.